9/22/2010 6:01:00 AM
Is the fed turning a blind eye to appease others?




Butch Meriwether
Butch's Brew

You can't turn on the TV, listen to the radio or pick up a newspaper without being informed about the thousands of illegal aliens flooding into Arizona and other parts of the United States, the drug cartel slaughtering people on both sides of the border, the new law Arizona enacted, SB 1070, and how the federal government is taking our state to task in court over it. I guess Arizona has upset the apple cart and embarrassed the federal government for not doing its job and allowing President Barack Obama and his cronies to continually sweep the problem under the carpet.

Calling an illegal alien an undocumented immigrant is like calling drug dealers unlicensed pharmacists. Call a spade a spade; if they are here illegally, then our government must arrest them and deport them. It is simple as that. If the United States government can't do its job of enforcing our laws as they relate to illegal aliens sneaking across our borders, then I salute Arizona and anyone else for attempting to do something to correct the problem.

No, I'm not speaking just of our southern border when I speak of illegal aliens. Thousands of illegal aliens sneak across our border with Canada, and our northern states should be allowed to help solve the problem on their border with Canada instead of having our federal government attempt to toss the imaginary monkey wrench into the situation.

Many individuals come to our country with a student visa, and after they complete school, they get jobs here, stay in the U.S. and conveniently forget to return to their country. If they are caught in the U.S. illegally after completing school and not returning to their own country when required to by law, we are told we are picking on them. I guess we should show more compassion and turn a blind eye to them violating federal law.

Yes, believe it or not, they too are violating federal law and our government doesn't seem to do anything about it.

If someone from another country desires to come to the U.S. legally and work, let them go through the normal procedure of submitting paperwork, getting approved for entry, and then take taxes out of their salaries. Don't let the farmers and other industries employ illegal aliens or let them take taxes out of the illegal aliens' salaries and keep it for themselves instead of turning in the taxes to the government.

If we allow businesses to do this maneuver of employing illegal aliens and allowing the employers to keep any tax revenues they collect from the workers, then we are in round-about way supporting the practice of indentured slaves. Besides that, if you put some of the CEOs and presidents of companies in jail for allowing their business to employ illegal aliens, I'll bet the availability of jobs for illegal aliens will rapidly dry up.

Don't just threaten the heads of companies with jail time for employing illegal aliens. Let them cool their feet in jail for a period of time to make examples of them, and the other heads of companies will think twice about violating the law.

If more individuals from foreign countries went through the normal and legal process to gain entry into the U.S., then it would put the "coyotes" out of business who smuggle illegal aliens across our borders like tour buses full of tourists heading to Grand Canyon West for a day of sightseeing.

As for the drug cartels who have individuals transiting the borders on a regular basis, nothing can be done except shut them down in their backyards. Our federal government must demand the various foreign governments do something about the illegal drug businesses, or maybe we, as legal residents of our great nation, should take the problem under our wings and go directly to the source and destroy their crops. I could just see some paramilitary group making a preemptive strike on the drug cartel and destroying their crops since our government seems to be doing nothing but a Band-Aid effect within our borders.

Look at the poppy fields in Afghanistan. Maybe we should use Agent Orange as our government did in Vietnam and spray those poppy fields. Oh, I forgot that if it there were no poppy fields in Afghanistan, their government wouldn't have any revenue other than the foreign aid we provide them and the customer service jobs companies in the U.S. outsourced.

I guess this means we are, in a round-about way, providing aid to drug dealers and the drug cartels. God, I know some skeptic or opinionated person is going to jump on the bandwagon, will preach about the delicate balance of power in the Middle East and how the Afghanistan government currently in power is better than others.

Maybe those skeptics and opinionated people should think about all of our American servicemen and women who have sacrificed their lives in order for us to reside in a free nation.

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