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The subjects of my blogs, commentaries and articles will be diversified, sometimes cute or funny and hopefully, will address interesting subjects. However, there may be times when I believe a particular subject needs to be “championed” and addressed. I hope my writings will inform, inspire emotion and to cause people to think. If you want to contact me, I can be reached by emailing me at butchsbrew@frontier.com.
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Many people are unaware they suffer from a debilitating disease

Kingman VA Clinic tries to take care of veterans' medical needs      Agent Orange still causing problems more than 43 years after the spraying was discontinued

 Joint probe finds pony did not suffer from neglect    Sorrel pony's condition improving    Blocking the info highway    What's in your drinking water?

Workshop a big hit for bighorn fans      Don't turn Mohave County into a dump    Kingman Home & Garden Expo a disappointment      Cell phone users kill innocent people

Think twice before you place that sticker       Responsibilities and relationships come with commitments for life 

Little words and catchphrases that have big meanings  There's not always good customer service and quality workmanship locally!  

 I’m too sexy for the public  "Big Brother" is checking you out!    Colors don't always mean gangs and trouble!

Kudos for wildlife crossover bridges or a waste of taxpayer revenues - a question you'll have to determine yourself      Are we honestly alone?

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