Photography Copyright Notice

All of the photographs contained on this website are copyrighted and are the intellectual property of Butch Meriwether (I just love talking about myself in the third party) and he has posted his various photographs for the viewing pleasure of the visitors to his website.

Each of his photographs is protected by copyright laws and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Even if certain photos belonging to Butch Meriwether have been published in a newspaper, in other publications or a social media outlet, it does not mean he has sold the rights to his work and no longer has the right to copyright it.

Each and every photograph Butch Meriwether has distributed was for a no-free-received basis, so in essence, he hasn’t sold his right to copyright it. Taking of his photographs, publishing them in a media outlet, using them on the internet, emailing them or using them in print in any shape or for any fashion is strictly prohibited without the expressed prior approval of Butch Meriwether.

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